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Publisher: "Marcelo Dato"


 Bodie's @xtractor  License: Freeware

  Bodie's @xtractor is a program with which you will be able to obtain from a text file, html file, cvs file, etc. (inside your pc), all the e-mail addresses sorted alphabetically that one of these file contain.

Keyword: Utility, Address, Extract, E-mail
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 14 KB | Download

 Bodie's Calendar  License: Freeware

  Bodie's Calendar is a desktop calendar with alarm and notes. Its simplistic modular design is perfect for the user that needs to track important info. It features Stay-on-top mode, minimizes to a desktray icon, supports drag 'n drop, search and replace text in the current note or across all notes, cipher and decipher notes, it is highly configurable, is multi-lingual (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Spanish), and more... Not only does it offer a handy calendar which you can attach notes to any date, but it also serves as an alarm clock in day and hour predetermined. Zodiac's Signs, day and week's number present in screen, and more...

Keyword: Alarm, Calendar, Organizer, Schedule, Agenda, Timetable, Clock
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 120 KB | Download

 Bodie's Favorites  License: Freeware

  Bodie's Favorites is a program with which will be able to generate a HTML file, with all the links that you possess as favorites Internet Explorer. Useful if you need to access to the same ones from another PC, from a cyber, if you want to put the HTML page generated in your web site, etc...

Keyword: Utility, Html, Extract, Favorites
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 14 KB | Download

 Bodie's Hi-Fi System  License: Freeware

  Bodie's Hi-Fi System is a player of musical files (MID, MIDI, AIFF, AIF, AU, MP3, WAV, WMA) and CD'S. The program allows to save list of sounds, read and write the data TAG of each song, etc...

Keyword: Utility, Player, Music, Mp3, Audio, Sound
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 36 KB | Download

 Bodie's Soccer  License: Freeware

  Shows the Soccer World Cup History, from Uruguay 1930 to Korea-Japan 2002

Keyword: Soccer, Football, Fútbol, World, History, Team, Play, Game
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 163 KB | Download

 Bodie's Splitter  License: Freeware

  Bodie's Splitter is a multilingual utility to divide a long file in others but small (1.44 mb), so that, each one of the generated files fits in a disk, and then, these files can to be transferred to another pc, or saved as backup. This pieces can later be combined to form the original file. In this version the user can select the size of the cuts to make.

Keyword: Utility, Split, Backup, Diskette
Marcelo Dato| Date: 08-11-2004 | Size: 16 KB | Download

 Bodie's Typing  License: Freeware

  Bodie's Typing is a program to learn typing. In a group of exercises to achieve a gradual training of the fingers of both hands to acquire a writing automatic typing, and having as objective that the student memorizes the location of each key that he writes correctly and without the necessity of looking at the keyboard.

Keyword: Utility, Learn, Typing
Marcelo Dato| Date: 01-03-2005 | Size: 20 KB | Download


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