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Publisher: "Soft Experience"


 EasyConsole  License: Freeware

  EasyConsole Dos shell utility lets you navigate in drives and through folders using Windows issuing DOS commands on a slave MSDOS console, saving command-line instructions for future use. Last 20 commands are memorized and you will be able to store 10 long most used or favorite command lines on 10 buttons to be launched with a click instead of typing again and avoiding fastidious repetitive commands. You may also type long DOS instructions with their parameters and memorize them (not only internal MSDOS commands) as well as launch your DOS Batch programs, for example run Rebol command-lines or any exe with its variables, in MSDOS batch NT tasks or other Windows systems. Language: English

Keyword: Command-line, Msdos, Console, Dos Shell, Easyconsole, Dos Command, Save Command, Store Command, Dir, Instructions, Run, Freeware, Utility, Windows, Win Nt, Windows 2000, Program, Gui, Free, Program, Softexperience, Network, Desktop, Pc, Enhance, Softwrap, Shell, Desk, Line
Soft Experience| Date: 23-05-2004 | Size: 1474 KB | Download

 Kalimages Basic  License: Freeware

  With Kalimages Basic, make your photo collection more accessible, searchable, navigable creating a pictures database with preview, thumbnails, descriptions and other IPTC/IMM meta data cataloguing and importing these annotations your image folders. Find images by keywords or any other information, analyse occurrences, create XML or HTML outputs even integrate with FOP processor for PDF creation. Thumbnails for : JPEG, TIFF not compressed, PSD (Photoshop), BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. Display and search on file name and IPTC fields for: JPEG, TIFF not compressed, PSD (Photoshop). Kalimages Basic is a free and innovative solution for all digital camera users. If you need also IPTC editing capabilities Kalimages version will in addition provide you with enhanced functions for update of standard and non standard IPTC IIM fields including the use of templates to classify and speed up cataloguing.

Keyword: Kalimages Basic, Digital Photos, Annotations, Iptc, Iim, Capture Iptc, Catalog Photos, Photo Software, Kalimages, Photo Collection, Caption-editing, Generate Thumbnails, Photographers, Find Images, Find Photos, Iptc Metadata Extraction
Soft Experience| Date: 10-09-2004 | Size: 3267 KB | Download

 MacVolumes  License: Freeware

  MacVolumes Windows system utility analyzes Macintosh files signatures stored in Macintosh volumes index on Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 for distribution and statistics monitoring.The report status lets you detect a need of reorganization to maintain good performance. Automatic connection to the Macintosh Servers and Macintosh volumes; invalid volumes detected.You can easily customize table of Signatures (Type/Creator) / Extensions.

Keyword: Macvolumes, Macintosh, Volumes, Statistics, Distribution, File Signatures, Pc-mac, Freeware, Utility, Explorer, Macintosh, File Management, Sfm, Forks, Download, Tool, Utilities, System, Software, Tool, Windows, Qxd, Display Type/creator, Extensions, Monitoring, Admin
Soft Experience| Date: 21-12-2002 | Size: 2451 KB | Download

 TempusFugit  License: Freeware

  <b>TempusFugi</b>t is a nice program displaying<b> time in Roman numerals</b> and date in Latin in the Windows systray) that you can use as a learning tool for educational purposes or just to remember school time with your friends.<br> <b>Main features </b> Runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/NT 2000 <br> Display hours, minutes, seconds (or only hours and minutes) in Roman numerals. You can set Roman script mode (4=IIII, 9=VIIII, etc.) or medieval script mode (4=IV, 9=IX, etc.) <br> Latin dates are displayed in Tooltip.<br> You will be able to choose Roman year (from the foundation of Roma: 753 BC) or Christian year display. <br> The font name, font colour, font size, background colour can be setup using a contextual menu (rigth click on the display zone) <br> Language : Latin (settings in English) Enjoy and share it with friends.

Keyword: Clock, Utility, Tempusfugit, Freeware, Systray Tools, Taskbar, Watch, Time, Date, Clock, Systray, Free, Freeware, Download, Learn Roman, Bureautique, Utility, Utilitaire, Logiciel, Add-ins, Software, Tool, Review, Gratugiciel, Telechargement, Hora, Calendar, Time-related, Tray
Soft Experience| Date: 13-04-2004 | Size: 1530 KB | Download


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