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Publisher: "Neva Software Consulting Group"


 Dxf2Mod convertor tool  License: Freeware

  DXF2MOD reads DXF files saved by AutoCAD and analyses all 3Dface and 3Dmesh entities to define the unique vertexes to be interpreted as finite element nodes, and the unique 3Dfaces to be interpreted as shell elements.

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 02-02-2002 | Size: 359 KB | Download

 Dxf2X converting tool  License: Freeware

  All 3Dmeshes and 3Dfaces in one layer are grouped into one X mesh , which gets the name of the layer (and the faces get their original color or the color of the 3Dmesh). If the mesh is included in a DXF block, then its name gets concatenated to the name of the block. Every DXF "insert" directive creates child X frame to the current parent frame. A number is added to the name of each child frame to guarantee it is unique in the frame hierarchy.

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 02-02-2002 | Size: 280 KB | Download

 Parametric2D Components  License: Freeware

  Parametric drawings are composed from textualdeclarations of some variables and textual description of the drawingshapes. Parametric drawings advantages that they can accomplish dialogsfor entering parameters that have graphical representation and reflectthe changes of the parameters on the drawing without coding orcompiling.

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 02-02-2002 | Size: 461 KB | Download

 The Life  License: Freeware

  The Life simulates the real processes that take place in birth, evolution and death of colonies of organisms. To play it the player lays out the cells (organisms) in some initial arrangement and then observes the evolution of the colony based on the "genetic laws". There are three versions of these rules listed below. Organisms born and die simultaneously and they form a "generation" at each stage of the simulation.

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 01-04-2002 | Size: 67 KB | Download

 X-Cube (Rubic Cube)  License: Freeware

  Direct3D version of the Rubic Cube puzzle available with source code

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 02-02-2002 | Size: 320 KB | Download

 X-Studio 3D modeling tool  License: Freeware

  Helps the developers to explore and/or modify frame hierarchies and 3D objects obtained from any converting tool before 3D scenes are rendered in the original programs. It is very suitable for learning the alphabet of Direct3D programming in a visual interactive manner.

Neva Software Consulting Group| Date: 02-02-2002 | Size: 1735 KB | Download


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