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Publisher: "Mohammad Saiedi"


 Companies  License: Freeware

  This excellent Monopoly-style board game is about buying and selling the world's biggest car and computer companies, investing, insuring, plotting, winning and losing. So gather your family and prepare for hours of excitement!You can choose between two types of companies: Computer companies, Car manufacturers.There can be 2, 3 or 4 players in this game.

Keyword: Company, Board, Game, Dice, Buy, Sell, Insure, Invest, Lend, Loan, Computer, Companies, Car, Manufacturer, Saiedi, Mohammad Saiedi, Monopoly
Mohammad Saiedi| Date: 03-08-2002 | Size: 964 KB | Download

 Matrix Inverse Calculator  License: Freeware

  This program uses the complicated Gauss-Jordan elimination method to find the inverse of any square matrix. You simply choose your matrix's dimensions, and then enter the elements of the matrix you want inverted in the left frame. When you press Enter, the inverse matrix will be shown in the right frame. If your matrix doesn't have an inverse, you will be told so.

Keyword: Download, Math, Mathematics, Matrix, Matrices, Inverse, Calculator, Calculate, Gauss, Jordan, Elimination, Saiedi, Mohammad Saiedi
Mohammad Saiedi| Date: 08-07-2002 | Size: 27 KB | Download

 Memory  License: Freeware

  Test your memory with this excellent shape puzzle game! In this game a number of cards are put on a surface upside down. Each card has a shape on the face. A click on a card lets you see the shape on it. But no more than two cards can be shown at a time. Only two cards have a specific shape. Your job is to memorize the position of each shape and match it with it's pair. This game contains several high-color fun icons in 4 shape sets.

Keyword: Download, Puzzle, Memory, Game, Memorize, Memorise, Position, Shape, Icon, Card, Saiedi, Mohammad Saiedi
Mohammad Saiedi| Date: 13-07-2002 | Size: 56 KB | Download

 Prevent Deletion  License: Freeware

  Using this program you can prevent the deletion of certain files/folders on a shared drive in your network. This program will check whether a file exists on a shared drive, and if not, it recopies the file. This process is repeated at a defined interval of time.You give your file/folder's source and destination paths. You can also choose the interval of time at which the recopying process is repeated. The program can be stopped at any time.

Keyword: Download, Prevent Deletion, Deletion, Delete, Prevent, Stop, Security, Network, Networking, Lan, Local Area Network, Shared, Shared Drive, Saiedi, Mohammad Saiedi
Mohammad Saiedi| Date: 08-07-2002 | Size: 30 KB | Download


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