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Publisher: "Miha Psenica"


 Mihov Blank Screen  License: Freeware

  Mihov Blank Screen shows black, green, gray, or white screen. Use the program to set the brightness of my monitor and test the quality of a monitor.

Miha Psenica| Date: 31-10-2001 | Size: 403 KB | Download

 Mihov Code View  License: Freeware

  Mihov CodeView is a fast and easy-to-use program for quick browsing through text files, source code and HTML files. It is possible to copy and paste from clipboard, search for strings and print. The program supports drag & drop. Multilanguage support for English, Slovene, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech and Polish!!!

Keyword: Codeview, Gledalec, Java, Ini, Txt, Text, Opera, Miha, Psenica, Download, Shareware, Freeware, Software, Code, Source, Zastonj, Browser, Brkljalnik
Miha Psenica| Date: 05-01-2001 | Size: 142 KB | Download

 Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator  License: Freeware

  When you resize an image you change the number of pixels. In computer world this is how it is done - there is no inches or centimetres. But when you print out an image the printer uses a resolution that is expressed in DPI (dots per inch). Setting up DPI or the inch size for screen images makes little or no sense. And when an image is printed you can clearly see that the picture has a size in inches. How do pixels, DPI, and inches go together? An example: an image should be printed as 6x4.5 inch in 300 DPI resolution. What should be the size of the image in pixels? It is important that you need to set both values DPI and size. Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator will suggest the size for your resizing, but you can choose your own. The program does not resize images, use Mihov Image Resizer to do that job. Remember: If the exact DPI/size is not an absolute requirement (for example by your printing house), then you should probably avoid any resampling. All printers should be able to resize the image into desired size.

Keyword: Dpi, Pixel, Points, Convert, Dots, Calculator, Size, Photo, Print, Picture, Pix, Pixels, Points, Calculate, Software, Freeware, Free, Download, Utility, Program, Mihov, Quality
Miha Psenica| Date: 27-01-2004 | Size: 205 KB | Download

 Mihov Gallery Creator  License: Freeware

  Do you have a lot of pictures that you would like to show to the world and you just don't know how? Mihov Gallery Creator creates nice HTML pages for your pictures and descriptions with a link to the previous and the next picture and an extra index file with links to all the pictures and thumbnails of the pictures. It also uploads the created files and the pictures! Now even with gallery preview!

Miha Psenica| Date: 20-03-2002 | Size: 630 KB | Download

 Mihov Image Resizer  License: Freeware

  Mihov Image Resizer is a handy tool for batch resizing images in bmp, gif, and jpg picture formats. You can make pictures or any kind of images smaller or bigger - whichever you need at the time. The second feature of the program is converting pictures between different graphic formats. You can change from Bitmap to JPEG or GIF, from JPEG to GIF or from GIF to JPEG. Again, this can be made in batch mode. That means that you will only have to select the images and the program will do the rest for all selected images. The third major feature is rotating. If you have a digital camera and you took some upright shots you will have to turn them arround. What better way than with Mihov Image Resizer? You can rotate the photos to the left or to the right. This feature comes handy also when you are scanning and are too lazy to turn the pictures... Mihov Image Resizer is also a perfect utility for creating thumbnails, so you can put them on your home page for faster loading. Mihov Image Resizer works in batch mode, which means more time for you!

Keyword: Batch, Resize, Convert, Transform, Image, Picture, Resizer, Converter, Jpg, Bmp, Gif, Gif2jpg, Jpg2gif, Bmp2jpg, Bmp2gif, Batch, Shrink, Big, Small, Digital, Camera, Photos, Fit, Mihov, Miha, Psenica, Download, Shareware, Freeware, Rotate, Winfiles
Miha Psenica| Date: 23-11-2003 | Size: 335 KB | Download

 Mihov Index Maker  License: Freeware

  Mihov Index Maker is a program that creates a HTML file containing links to all the files in a given directory. If the files are in HTML format it automaticaly inserts the TITLE caption in the link. Now with support for subfolders!

Miha Psenica| Date: 11-09-2002 | Size: 194 KB | Download

 Mihov IP King  License: Freeware

  Mihov IP King changes static IP number to a dotless format. Instead of giving your address as or you can hide the numeric address and the human address and show only a set of numbers. The program calculates this numbers - in the case above the address would be http://3221234342. This is good for hiding your web page identity or to make some practical jokes on your friends.

Keyword: Ip, Dynamic, Static, Number, Make, King, Freeware, Free, Download, Utility, Program
Miha Psenica| Date: 31-08-2003 | Size: 227 KB | Download

 Mihov Link Checker  License: Freeware

  Mihov Link Checker is a program that can check multiple links on a web site or a local web page. It reports the state of easch link: a link is valid or missing, forbidden or otherwise not accessible. All the links can be stored in a plain text file or the program can extract the links automatically from a local or internet page. Then each link is tested separately for HTML server response. The results are returned in a nice graphical way. The use of the program is easy - just enter the site's address or browse for a local file and let Mihov Link Checker do the work for you. Your visitors will never see '404 Not Found' error on your web site again!

Keyword: Link, Checker, Connect, Verify, Home Page, 404, Not Found, List, Batch, Time, Winfiles, Free, Software, Freeware, Free, Download, Utility, Program
Miha Psenica| Date: 11-09-2004 | Size: 244 KB | Download

 Mihov Mail Sender  License: Freeware

  Mihov Mail Sender sends the same e-mail message to more people from your address book - but it displays only their name as recipient, so they will think this mail is ment only for them. You can also send your own attachments with the message. The program uses your normal mail server for sending messages and does not require an additional server. May come in very handy for invitatitions, mailing lists, and keeping privacy!

Miha Psenica| Date: 30-08-2001 | Size: 475 KB | Download

 Mihov NSIS Helper  License: Freeware

  Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for graphical creating of script files for Nullsoft Install System. It helps with a simple GUI and can create very simple setup files. It is intended for beginners! Three versions can create standard or modern installations and are NSIS version dependent.

Keyword: Nullsoft, Nsis, Setup, Installation, Modern, Program, Gui, Graphical, Interface, Screenshot, Create, Installations, Make, Helper, Easy, Download, Shareware, Freeware, Software
Miha Psenica| Date: 09-05-2004 | Size: 229 KB | Download


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