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Publisher: "Michael Hoffmann"


 Astrorix Gold  License: Freeware

  Astrorix is a traditional bat & ball game. The bat is moved using the mouse. The bouncing ball must be kept inside the playfield, so it can destroy the blocks. The random items which appear on the screen can have a very useful effect, or be quite a pain in the neck, too. The number of lives can be adjusted at the beginning. The game includes 15 stages with some additional surprises, a password feature and a highscore table.

Keyword: Arcade, Bat, Ball, Breakout, Arkanoid, Skullbyte
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 20-03-2002 | Size: 856 KB | Download

 CCCC '99  License: Freeware

  Uli Trimpe, an extremely dangerous and brutal smoker has assaulted the planet of Boot II and occupied five colonies of the Confederation. Now Commander Combo gets the task to free the colonies by force, before Trimpe lets them celebrate the millennium prematurely. In 50 challenging platform levels the Commander has to collect items, avoid traps and fight against insane enemies. The password feature enables you to start the game at later stages.

Keyword: Fun, Platform, Combo, Skullbyte
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 03-03-2003 | Size: 1645 KB | Download

 Col. Ranseiers Odyssee  License: Freeware

  In diesem Multiactionspiel darf Col. Ranseier ganz alleine die Konföderation vor einer Alien-Invasion beschützen, denn sämtliche Streitkräfte führen bereits einen Angriffskrieg. Klar, daß da nicht alles nach Plan läuft. Das Spiel ist in verschiedene Akte unterteilt, in denen das Sub-Genre immer wieder wechselt. Mal ist der Col. im klassischen Plattformstil unterwegs, später folgt ein Weltraumshooter usw. Zum Glück gibt es eine Paßwortfunktion.

Keyword: Spaß, Fun, Games, Action, Ranseier, Skullbyte
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 01-02-2003 | Size: 2892 KB | Download

 Heroine Iysayana - Chapter One  License: Freeware

  Heroine Iysayana - Chapter One: Lords and Hussies is a humorous Japanese-style role-playing game. It takes place in the crazy computer game world Byteria. Our title character is Iysayana, the only elf in the small kingdom Ashford. For her, life is nothing but a great party. She really doesn't think about anything else than bashes, boys and booze - until now. The goddess Yw'nafob forces Iysayana to become a heroine and save Ashford from the evil Lord Shadmyr. The problem with it: First she must find out why Shadmyr is evil at all. And the other problem: Iysayana's companion is just her boring ex-husband Odilbert... Most of the time the game will be played in a 2-D perspective. This is where you walk around and explore the land, talk to people, visit shops, explore dungeons, search for treasures and so on. Whenever the party runs into monsters the game will change to a special turn-based combat screen. If you defeat your foes, your heroes will gain experience and money. At first Iysayana is on her own, but during the adventure other heroes will join your party. The different characters have different abilities, e. g. one may be a healer and another one a warrior, so make best use of them. When characters have gained enough combat experience they will grow stronger and learn new magic. You can use spells to attack monsters, but also to heal or strengthen your characters. But note that your magic energy is limited and must be refilled from time to time. Talk to the people in the towns to gather more or less useful information. Take a rest in an inn to restore your characters' health. There are stores where you can buy and sell weapons and armors. Other items can be used to heal the heroes in mid-combat. The game can be played using the keyboard or a joystick and comes with a detailed help file. You can save and load at any point. More adventures are available at the Skullbyte website.

Keyword: Fun, Skullbyte, Byteria, Mh Games, Rpg, Role-playing
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 05-05-2004 | Size: 3217 KB | Download

 Maruni Land: Krieg in der Ferne  License: Freeware

  A funny platform game in the crazy world of Byteria. Junior superhero Maruni fights against the world conqueror Schröttel and other insane villains. Cutscenes narrate the amusing story. The game includes 50 levels and can be played using the keyboard or a joypad. There are also bonus stages, a saving feature and some hidden specials. More adventures are available at the Byteria website.

Keyword: Platform, Action, Maruni, Fun, Funny, Skullbyte, Byteria
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 05-03-2002 | Size: 1986 KB | Download

 Odyssey of Col. Ranseier  License: Freeware

  In this multi-action game, Col. Ranseier must save the Confederation from an alien invasion, and he must do it all on his own, as the complete forces are already in an offensive war. And that means some things will certainly go wrong. The game consists of several acts with alternating sub-genres. At times the Col. beats his way in a classic platform style, later he finds himself in a space shooter. Fortunately there is a password feature.

Keyword: Fun, Action, Ranseier, Skullbyte
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 01-02-2003 | Size: 2886 KB | Download

 Skull-Man  License: Freeware

  Clone of the famous arcade game. In Skull-Man, you move the "hero" as usually though a maze and make him devour all the video wafers and power tablets. Of course, the evil ghosts will appear and chase you, so get the power tablets and eat your enemies to increase your score. If you like to reach and beat hi-scores, then this arcade game will surely suit you. Of course, your scores are saved with your name.

Keyword: Arcade, Maze, Pac-man
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 22-12-1999 | Size: 779 KB | Download

 Skullbyte Match  License: Freeware

  Skullbyte Match is a compilation for a quick duel in between, including the two-player-games FLÄSCH! (Pong clone), Apocarlypse (car race), Flip Out! (Pong/soccer mix), Hellrace (car deathmatch), Skull Kicker (soccer) und Falling Anvils (reaction game). Players can choose between several game modes and options. A highlight is the Mixed Match, where the game chooses random levels of the above games.

Keyword: Action, Deathmatch, Duel, Multiplayer
Michael Hoffmann| Date: 19-02-2002 | Size: 2171 KB | Download


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