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Publisher: "Carsten Schmidt"


 FDBGet  License: Freeware

  Forwarding database retrieval, fdbget.exe Version 1.2.0; November 2004 Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the link: Please report bugs and feature requests to: [email protected] How does it work and what does it do? Simply enter the IP address of your switch and its SNMP read community in the fields and press the Retrieve Table button to get the list. If it fails you will be told. Fdbget.exe is a little tool to retrieve entries from the forwarding database of switches. It gives you a table of MAC to interface number. If you are looking for a specific MAC on a switch then simply enter the MAC or part of it into the search field (without regular expressions). The table results and search results are exported to separate files. Comments - Thanks to François Piette for the internet component suite Version history Version 1.2.0; November 2004 - added save list function - added direct links to product homepage and mailto author Version 1.1.1 June 2004 - added filter for learned addresses - fixed bug in grid2 where results where written into the header - fixed tab order Version 1.1 March 2004 - minor bug fixes - GUI redone - cleaned up results to be shown in a table Version 1.0 2003 First crude release to demonstrate the forwarding database table.

Keyword: Snmp, Switch, Mac, Interface, Port
Carsten Schmidt| Date: 01-11-2004 | Size: 305 KB | Download

 Interface Traffic Indicator  License: Freeware

  Interface Traffic Indicator, inftraf.exe Version 1.3.0; January 2005 Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the Paypal link at: Please report bugs and feature requests to: [email protected] What does it do and how does it work? Inftraf is a tool that requests IN/OUT octet data (MIB2) from SNMP-capable network interfaces. You can use this program in a professional network environment to monitor selected network interfaces (even backplane ports if the device provides the information) or you can monitor your home network or cable/modem/ISDN connection to the internet. You can monitor bits/sec, utilization and accumulated traffic. Enter IP address and SNMP read community into the fields and click on FIRST CONTACT. The program will then try to retrieve all interface information of the device. If successful, this will enable the START POLLING button. Select a polling interval and an interface and start polling. Values in graph are calculated and shown as either bits or bytes per second or utilization in percent. Just select the appropriate graph. Error messages are shown in the statusbar. Other functions provided: - Show device information - Reset all values and graphs - Options dialog - Two log variations: normal log also shown in GUI and a debug log that shows all polling information that was retrieved. Both can be written to files.

Keyword: Interface, Traffic, Monitoring, Snmp, Mib, In And Out, Utilization, Bits/sec, Bytes/sec, Nic, Incoming, Outgoing
Carsten Schmidt| Date: 23-01-2005 | Size: 791 KB | Download

 SNMPGetSet  License: Freeware

  A little tool to get and set SNMP standard data and individual data. Works on predefined MIB2 OIDs and self-defined OIDs. Maybe a little buggy but I just threw the code down and compiled it for use in one project. Version 1.0, October 2003 Freeware (270,569 Bytes)

Keyword: Snmp, Mib, Get, Set
Carsten Schmidt| Date: 01-10-2003 | Size: 264 KB | Download

 Squid Efficiency Analyzer  License: Freeware

  Squid Efficiency Analyzer, squideff.exe Version 1.0; July 2004 Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the link: Please report bugs and feature requests to: [email protected] How does it work and what does it do? Software has been tested with log files from Squid 2.5 STABLE 5 for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003 Open a log file and start analysis. Wait for the results which are shown in an table (detailled view) and in a text field (summary). You may then export the results to a file. Squideff checks every line of the Squid log file and assigns occurrence and traffic to the different cache codes. Afterwards, traffic from cache and internet are calculated. For this project I have decided to work with signed 64-bit integers in order to work with large numbers (–2^63..2^63–1). Despite that, it may be possible that values exceed this range. In that case, please tell me (not that I know what to do about it). The following codes are calculated as data coming from the cache: - TCP_HIT - TCP_REFRESH_HIT - TCP_REF_FAIL_HIT - TCP_IMS_HIT - TCP_MEM_HIT - TCP_OFFLINE_HIT - UDP_HIT The following codes are calculated as data coming from the internet: - TCP_MISS - TCP_REFRESH_MISS - TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH_MISS - TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISS - UDP_MISS The rest is shown as not considered for efficiency: - TCP_NEGATIVE_HIT - TCP_DENIED - UDP_DENIED - UDP_INVALID - UDP_MISS_NOFETCH - NONE

Keyword: Web Traffic
Carsten Schmidt| Date: 30-07-2004 | Size: 260 KB | Download

 UTC  License: Freeware

  UTC is a little utility with only two functions: convert a Unix timestamp (seconds since January 1st 1970 to date) to a human readable DateTime format and vice versa. So simple it does not need a help file or further information. Version 1.0, February 2005 Freeware with source (226,072 Bytes)

Keyword: Converter, Unix, Timestamp, Seconds, Delphi, Source Code
Carsten Schmidt| Date: 01-02-2005 | Size: 220 KB | Download


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