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Publisher: "Alexandru Dimitriev"


 ADing BAR  License: Freeware

  ADing BAR stays on top of other windows and displays a large amount of vital information about your system: date and time, system resources, free space on any disk. With a mouse click you can: run programs, set an alarm, view the calendar, exit Windows.

Keyword: Bar, Top, Desk, Desktop, Utilities, Easy, Computer, Free, Utilities
Alexandru Dimitriev| Date: 09-09-2001 | Size: 150 KB | Download

 ADing Desk  License: Freeware

  ADing Desk gives to you EASY AND INSTANT access to your desktop! Don't minimize windows ANYMORE! With a click of the mouse you can start any program you want!

Keyword: Desk, Desktop, Utilities, Easy, Access To Desktop, Access To, Computer, Free, Utilities, Graphics, Graphic
Alexandru Dimitriev| Date: 09-09-2001 | Size: 155 KB | Download

 ADing PowerAlarm  License: Freeware

  ADing PowerAlarm allows laptop computer owners to keep track of how much life (power) remains in the battery currently being used. In this way it lets you see early when you will have to shut down your work, because it continuously displays status icons so that you can always tell if your battery is low. Features: * battery life as a percentage * visual variable battery power icon and chart * sound effects on discharging Why to use ADing PowerAlarm? The battery type used in most notebooks, the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) type, has a mediocre capacity (stored energy) who decline significantly if the battery is not discharged completely (memory effect). Your battery remembers that it has not been used to its full potential and will recharge only to about the capacity needed last. The next time you want high performance your battery will fail to meet the expectations. A simple cure is to discharge the battery completely several times as soon as posible (every third to fourth use). The new nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries show a far less dramatic memory effect but controlling, however, especially the countdown mode is still useful. A battery's life expectation, i.e. the number of recharges possible, is limited to 500-1000 with NiCd types. For this reason you may want to avoid unnecessary depletions. But remember that a battery with a strong memory effect is as useless in practice as a worn-out one and also has a shorter life than a well-maintained one.

Keyword: Desk, Desktop, Utilities, Easy, Power, Alarm, Laptop, Battery, Bateries, Access To, Computer, Free, Utilities, Save
Alexandru Dimitriev| Date: 09-09-2001 | Size: 263 KB | Download

 ADing SSSS (Start-Stop ScreenSaver)  License: Freeware

  ADing SSSS (Start-Stop your Screen Saver) gives you EASY AND INSTANT access to your screen saver! You can activate or inactivate it simply by moving your mouse cursor on to a specified screen corner. If you don't want other peoples to see what is on your desktop when you leave the computer alone you can use this little program. If your screen saver has a password you can quickly deny the access to your important files. Even my young daughter hates it because she can't play with the keyboard when I am away. If you move your mouse cursor on to the program icon in the tray bar and press the right button you have INSTANT ACCESS to your screen saver settings from Control Panel.

Keyword: Start, Stop, Screen, Saver, Screensaver, Desktop, Utilities, Easy, Access To Desktop, Access
Alexandru Dimitriev| Date: 09-09-2001 | Size: 113 KB | Download

 ADingOD ShutDown  License: Freeware

  This product will permits you to shutdown your computer automatically after a specified period or instantly. It ask a confirmation when the computer shutdown and some programs have unsaved data. You can use the program in a batch file.

Keyword: Shutdown, Shut, Down, Computer, Pc, Now, Timer
Alexandru Dimitriev| Date: 09-09-2001 | Size: 206 KB | Download


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