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 > MirrorFolder>  License: Shareware

  > Backup utility for automatic and real-time mirroring of folders/drives on local hard disk to another local/network/removable drive/disk. In real-time mode, it performs RAID-1 type of mirroring on local/network drives in software on per file basis and is capable of mirroring opened files. In auto-sync mode, mirroring is done at the specified time interval in the background. It uses little system resources and is integrated with Windows Explorer.>

> Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.>| Date: 2- -> | Size: 0 KB

 HispreadVIEW  License: Freeware

  Hispread is a new Peer-2-Peer technology that provides the casual and professionnal computer user a simple way to backup any kind of data without the hassle of a full fledged backup and retrieval software linked to some expensive specific harware. Hispread uses the power behind any LAN or Internet to securely "spread" your data among different machines, insuring both their confidentiality (no one, except you, can access the data) and their retrieval in any circumstance (such as the failure of one or more machines, one or more disk on any machines, and so on). With this technique, you don't need to buy any kind of expensive equipment, you only optimize the one you already have. Harness the power of your LAN to backup your file in the most secure and easy manner, using cryptography, virtual RAID and GridStorage through innovative P2P technology.

Hispread Technologies| Date: 09-08-2004 | Size: 1171 KB

 100xCD  License: Freeware

  100xCD Cache speeds up your CD-ROM drive by caching frequently accessed data to your local hard drive. It work under Windows-XP/2000. Modern hard drives and RAID-devices are much faster than any CD-ROM drive available on the market (in both access time and transfer rate), so the overall performance increases when using 100xCD. Freeware.

KMI Software| Date: 15-03-2002 | Size: 680 KB

 Thumb Raider  License: Freeware

  Enjoy playing an addictive arcade game! Carry out a succesfull raid into territory of whicked men who are guarding their treasures. Exercise patience and quick reaction. Evil men are blind but they are running very quickly. There are bags with question marks which may lengthen your life or destroy you. You can also be teleported to a more favourable position. New level starts when all gold is collected. The higher the level - the more evil men are chasing you and the higher the speed of the game is. Free to play and download!

Author:| Date: 23-07-2003 | Size: 461 KB

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