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Civil War


 Civil War Screen Saver  License: Freeware

  These screen savers have incredible images of patriotic military soldiers of the North and the Confederate - Civil War ... but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came - Abraham Lincoln, 4 March 1865. If you are a Civil War buff here is the best award winning screen saver on the Internet., all with wallpaper and music. For more fun screen savers please visit our site at

Net Executive| Date: 01-01-2003 | Size: 3202 KB

 Civil War Generals  License: Shareware

  Put US history on your desktop with 43 images of Civil War Generals from the North and South, such as J.E.B Stuart, W. T. Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and "Stonewall" Jackson. A short biography is included for each General describing their birth, death, pre-war career, war service, post-war career, notes, and further reading.

Pixel Paradox| Date: 25-01-2003 | Size: 5133 KB

 Battles of the Civil War  License: Shareware

  Battles of the Civil War presents 39 major land and sea battles. Scenes by Currier and Ives, Kurz and Allison, Louis Prang and others depict this defining period of America's history. Includes Antietam, Bull Run, Chickamauga, Chancellorsville, Chattanooga, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Shiloh, the Merrimac and Monitor, Williamsburg, Wilson's Creek, Battle of the Wilderness, Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and Sheridan's Ride.

Pixel Paradox| Date: 04-12-2002 | Size: 5000 KB

 BeamBoy  License: Freeware

  BeamBoy is an engineering tool for calculating stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts. This version includes improved printer control and the ability to automatically calculate beam properties by choosing from standard beam sizes. BeamBoy is native to Windows and extremely powerful, but still intuitive and simple to use.

Richard Getze| Date: 16-10-2001 | Size: 1947 KB

 The Iron Heel  License: Freeware

  The Iron Heel describes the fall of the United States to a cruel fascist dictatorship. Fearful of the popularity of socialism, the plutocrats of the Iron Heel conspire to eliminate democracy and, with their secret police and military, terrorize the citizenry. They instigate a German attack on Hawaii on Dec. 4, 1912; as socialist revolutions topple capitalist governments around the world, the Iron Heel has 52 socialist members of the U.S. Congress imprisoned for treason. Elements of London's vision of fascism, civil war, and governmental oppression proved to be prophetic in the first half of the 20th century and the first part of the 21th as well.

Southern Ocean Software| Date: 02-01-2004 | Size: 949 KB

 MS Access Password Recovery  License: Freeware

  This is a free MS Access password recover utility done in C# for the .NET platform, complete with source. Handy for when you forget the password, or when someone leaves a company without writing down the password. While handy, please read the following before downloading. Please note that unauthorized use of password recovery techniques can breach software license agreements and leave you without otherwise available assistance and remedies. You may also be liable to being sued or even prosecuted under the terms of the software license. You can in some cases be in breach of terms of your employment and find yourself out on the street. You are warned that civil and criminal proceedings risks should not be viewed lightly. If in any doubt, don't. The algorithm for this came off a usenet post, and was originally done in perl, by someone called Lensman. You will need .net runtime version 1.1 or better to run this. To use, just select the access file that you want to know the password for, and the program will tell you the password (if any) that is stored in the file.

Author:| Date: 10-04-2005 | Size: 24 KB

 3D GAMES TVMAX  License: Freeware

  TVMAX: GAMES, CLIPARTS, RING TONES, JAVA GAMES, 3D MODELS - Services for those creating media. DV Cliparts, 3D models, Free games, Ring tones, Java games for mobils... Choice of Law and Venue. Banners and trademarks are owned for theys respective companies and have copyrigths. THIS LICENSE SHALL BE GOVERNED BY AND CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH CONTROLLING COLOMBIAN LAW AND THE LAWS OF THE COPY RIGTHS: (Artículo 61 de la Constitución Política de Colombia; Decisión Andina 351 de 1993; Código Civil, Artículo 671; Ley 23 de 1982; Ley 44 de 1993; Ley 599 de 2000 (Código Penal Colombiano), Título VIII; Ley 603 de 2000; Decreto 1360 de 1989; Decreto 460 de 1995; Decreto 162 de 1996.), EXCLUSIVE OF ITS CHOICE OF LAW AND/OR CONFLICTS OF LAW JURISPRUDENCE. THE EXCLUSIVE VENUE FOR ALL LITIGATION REGARDING OR ARISING OUT OF THIS LICENSE SHALL BE TUNJA COUNTY, BOYACÁ, AND YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS IN TUNJA COUNTY, BOYACÁ FOR ANY SUCH LITIGATION.

tvmax digital production| Date: 15-10-2004 | Size: 8158 KB

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