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 Analog Clock  License: Freeware

  This little clock is great for teaching youngsters how to tell time. There is a digital display as well.

Keyword: Clock, Analog, Learn
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 1995 KB | Download

 Blue Squares  License: Freeware

  This brain twister can produce hours of fun or frustration. Drag the blue squares to the grid and try to figure out which combination is needed to use up all the squares.

Keyword: Game, Squares
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2057 KB | Download

 Car Loan Calculator  License: Freeware

  An easy to use utility for calculating the interest, payment, down payment, loan total, etc. for an auto loan.

Keyword: Loan, Calculator
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2327 KB | Download

 Card Match  License: Freeware

  Compete against the computer as you try to match cards in this addictive memory game.

Keyword: Card, Match
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2106 KB | Download

 Character Picture Maker  License: Freeware

  This program creates astonishing reproductions of your favorite images in text characters. Select the text you want to use and the graphic and the program will create a file you can use to print the image. You really must see this to believe it.

Keyword: Convert, Text, Graphics, Images
Author:| Date: 16-11-2004 | Size: 2054 KB | Download

 Decision Maker  License: Freeware

  If only life were really this simple. Now you will know how your boss makes all the really important decisions. Using this ridiculous game of course.

Keyword: Decisons
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2039 KB | Download

 Desktop Alarm Clock  License: Freeware

  This handy little utility will let you set an alarm to go off whenever you want. Can pop-up an alarm window and even play a sound file of your choice. Sits in the system tray until you need it.

Keyword: Alarm, Clock
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2049 KB | Download

 Desktop Calendar Maker  License: Freeware

  Now you can quickly create monthly calendars with ease. Select your own graphics or use the beautiful photos included. You can even make the calendar your desktop wallpaper.

Keyword: Monthly, Calendar, Wallpaper
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2517 KB | Download

 Falling Blocks  License: Freeware

  This logic game will keep you on your toes. Clear all the blocks to win.

Keyword: Falling, Blocks
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2086 KB | Download

 LCD Clock  License: Freeware

  This attractive LCD clock makes a welcome addition to your desktop and is much easier to read than the one on the task bar.

Keyword: Lcd, Clock
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2071 KB | Download

 Lottery Wizard  License: Freeware

  The Lottery Wizard will not only help you pick your numbers, it will tell you if you won as well.

Keyword: Lottery, Picker
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2389 KB | Download

 Match Numbers  License: Freeware

  Play against the computer in this addictive memory game.

Keyword: Memory, Game
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2063 KB | Download

 Matching Blocks  License: Freeware

  Play against the computer in this addictive memory game.

Keyword: Memory, Game
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2069 KB | Download

 Math Flash Cards  License: Freeware

  Throw away the calculator as you quickly learn to perform calculations without a net. Great for kids or adults who need to brush up a little.

Keyword: Math, Flash, Cards
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2060 KB | Download

 Maze Maker  License: Freeware

  This free program will create a limitless variety of maze puzzles. You can change colors, size, etc. Very addictive and great for keeping the kids busy on long trips.

Keyword: Make, Mazes
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2410 KB | Download

 Mirror Drawing  License: Freeware

  Every want to create a perfect mirror image? This easy to use drawing program makes it possible. Be careful though, it is extremely addictive.

Keyword: Mirror, Drawing
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2061 KB | Download

 Password Keeper  License: Freeware

  Use this secure database to keep track of passwords. Hint: Don't forget the password to the password keeper.

Keyword: Password, Keeper, Database
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 15926 KB | Download

 Photo Enhancer  License: Freeware

  Easily enhance your digital photos or clipart with this easy to use utility. Great for softening unflattering photos or just adding an artistic touch to your collection.

Keyword: Enhance, Photos
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2127 KB | Download

 Picture Puzzle  License: Freeware

  Create a puzzle from any digital photo or image. Kids love this one!

Keyword: Picture, Puzzle
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2076 KB | Download

 Shape Puzzle  License: Freeware

  Drag the geometric shapes and fill in the grid to win. Warning: This game is much more difficult than it appears.

Keyword: Shape, Puzzle
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2060 KB | Download

 Shuffle It  License: Freeware

  Put the number back in order, if you can. What seems so simple at first may leave you shaking your head as you try to move the numbered blocks into position.

Keyword: Shuffle, Numbers
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2007 KB | Download

 Shuffle It 2  License: Freeware

  This is our original Shuffle-It game on steroids. Change the grid size and color and use numbers, roman numerals or letters.

Keyword: Shuffle, Game
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2237 KB | Download

 Stick Man  License: Freeware

  OK We must admit this one is a bit simple, But really, it is very cool as well. Change the stick man's hair, body, eyes and mouth etc.

Keyword: Stick, Man
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2058 KB | Download

 Tic-Tac-Toe  License: Freeware

  What game collection would be complete without the mother of all kids games? Don't be too confident though, your computer opponent will not give you any second chances.

Keyword: Tic, Tac, Toe
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2257 KB | Download

 Typing Test  License: Freeware

  Learn to type with this easy to use program. Try to beat your best time as you get faster and faster.

Keyword: Typing, Test
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 2066 KB | Download

 US Capitols  License: Freeware

  Learn the US capitols fast with this fun to use game.

Keyword: Us, Capitols
Author:| Date: 04-12-2004 | Size: 4279 KB | Download


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