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Publisher: "Softcomplete Development"


 Cleaner  License: Freeware

  It is known, that after deleting files in Windows, they can be restored, since the information on the disk is not deleted, and is marked as free blocks. Cleaner securely deletes file data, located in free disk space. After that the restoring of the information becomes impossible.

Keyword: Recovery, Undelete, Clean, Free, Space, Sensitive, Protection, Cleaner
SoftComplete Development| Date: 25-02-2001 | Size: 153 KB | Download

 HashTrie  License: Freeware

  By Softcomplete Development. HashTrie is a new highly efficient data structure for fast searching. It combines in itself properties of the hash-tables and trie (digital-trees). As against the usual hash-tables the size of HashTrie is not fixed which allows it to work with an unknown previous amount of data.

Keyword: Hash, Tree, Dynamic, Hashtrie
SoftComplete Development| Date: 28-02-2003 | Size: 101 KB | Download

 LayoutFix  License: Freeware

  Typing the text you have forgotten to switch keyboard layout? What to do? To type anew? No! We mark the text and is pushed Ctrl-BackSpace. We enjoy outcome:)

Keyword: Keyboard, Corrector, Layout, Layoutfix, Ctrl-backspace, Type, Typing
SoftComplete Development| Date: 31-03-2001 | Size: 156 KB | Download

 RNDGen  License: Freeware

  True random generator for Delphi and C++ Builder

Keyword: Random, Generator
SoftComplete Development| Date: 27-08-2001 | Size: 2 KB | Download

 Signit  License: Freeware

  Create small (~40Kb) self-checking signature (exe-file) for folder contents. Based on SHA-1. Allows receive list of modified and removed files.

Keyword: Encryption/file, Check
SoftComplete Development| Date: 10-04-2000 | Size: 127 KB | Download

 SubstDrive  License: Freeware

  API for work with substitution device (see DOS command "subst"). Win9x ONLY. For WinNT and Win2000 use native API call

Keyword: Api, Subst, Device, Substitution
SoftComplete Development| Date: 25-02-2000 | Size: 1 KB | Download

 xLibUDF  License: Freeware

  Interbase UDF with additional functions for working with strings, mutex, creation GUID, debugging stored procedures and triggers.

Keyword: Interbase, Udf, String, Mutex, Guid, Trigger, Libudf
SoftComplete Development| Date: 15-01-2001 | Size: 207 KB | Download


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