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 7art Anime Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Anime Clock will change your opinion about the way we used to think of a typical clock. The clock evolution has reached the special point where every original idea could be easily put into reality. Check your imagination with 7art Anime Clock!

Author:| Date: 12-04-2005 | Size: 1601 KB | Download

 7art Earth Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Earth Clock screensaver can be used as a beautiful reminder that all of us lives on the one planet Earth and it also shows the time. Every time it starts at your PC it will reinforce your connection with mother Earth and planetary consciousness.

Author:| Date: 29-06-2005 | Size: 538 KB | Download

 7art Emerald Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  The Emerald Clock's face is weaving from delicate emerald threads, each symbolizing our connection to other people. It does not matter where these people reside, as soon as we recall somebody in our heart we could instantly resume our relations.

Author:| Date: 05-07-2005 | Size: 462 KB | Download

 7art Fluorescent Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Bright neon colors on black background of this cute Fluorescent Clock will enliven any room. It brings the memories of relaxed walks on a night street. Let this clock bring you calm and positive message - along with showing the time.

Author:| Date: 04-04-2005 | Size: 805 KB | Download

 7art Gradient Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Gradient Clock screensaver will paint your desktop with bright vivid colors and will let you know exact time. The Clock comes with 7 different faces which change each over everytime the screensaver starts. Cheer your moods with Gradient Clock!

Author:| Date: 04-04-2005 | Size: 575 KB | Download

 7art Kaleidoscopic Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Kaleidoscopic Clock saver's face consists of endless colorfull patterns combined to infinity. It's almost impossible to determine the rules of their merging. Possibly they are organized randomly. If you beleive in happy chances you can get them.

Author:| Date: 10-05-2005 | Size: 689 KB | Download

 7art Lucid Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Colors and waves on dial of this stylish clock make you wonder if you are awake or seeing this in a dream. Check your reality (tip: in a dream you can fly). No flying this time? Maybe your next check will be in a dream where flying is possible‚Ķ

Author:| Date: 19-07-2005 | Size: 968 KB | Download

 7art Merry Flower Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Merry Flower Clock screensaver shows time in a funny uncommon way: Merry Flower is the Clock's face and leaves and petals are the Clock's hands. Bright colors of the screensaver and it's tender shapes are designed to cheer your moods.

Author:| Date: 12-11-2004 | Size: 187 KB | Download

 7art Mirror Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  We used to believe that no one could turn time back. Now it's possible with 7art Mirror Clock. Its hands move backwards taking old time with them and bringing back new time that will help us to be in good health and good spirits.

Author:| Date: 17-06-2005 | Size: 492 KB | Download

 7art Neon Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Neon Clock is a next step to the further development of the magical clock able to cheer your moods. It brings you colorful face and fancy hands to let your imagination run you away to sweet dreams with each second passed along 7art Neon Clock!

Author:| Date: 30-05-2005 | Size: 517 KB | Download

 7art Orange Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Orange Clock screensaver will paint the River of Time in tender orange colors to cheer your moods gently. It's time to see the difference. Positive orange vibrations will energize you softly and will help to keep the smile at your face.

Author:| Date: 16-05-2005 | Size: 311 KB | Download

 7art Picasso Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  It's probably the most simple computer clock in the world. There are nothing unnecessary on its face. Just few digits and simple hands to show the current time. That's all. But isn't it? Surely there is also a bit of invisible magic inside.

Author:| Date: 27-04-2005 | Size: 364 KB | Download

 7art Pifagor Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Once upon a time in ancient Greece there was a genius philosopher and mathematician Pifagor. In addition he made an important contribution to understanding antithesises as the harmony. Pifagor Clock will help you to find ingenious solutions in time!

Author:| Date: 09-06-2005 | Size: 468 KB | Download

 7art Rainy Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  In the Autumn everething turns around together with the natural life cycles. It is the Time of the quiet and dreaminess. The 7art Rainy Clock transmits the state of the Autumn Time to help you pleasantly tune in the harmony of the Autumn season.

Author:| Date: 12-09-2004 | Size: 723 KB | Download

 7art Rotary Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Rotary Clock will help you to approach the understanding of the temporal river which rotates not only the clock hands but also the clock face. Every turn of the Clock face could help you to see the right way to turn your life for the better!

Author:| Date: 03-06-2005 | Size: 419 KB | Download

 7art Spicy Crystal Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Spicy Crystal Clock Screensaver extends line of the 7art magical clock series. It brings you 7 different clock faces with tender colourful patterns specially designed to increase the seratonin production to help us to be in good spirits.

Author:| Date: 16-06-2005 | Size: 2159 KB | Download

 7art Standard Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Standard Clock is a nice start to use your desktop as a major time machine. You will always make your friends to ask where have you found such a beautiful clock screensaver. You can easily make them happy by giving them a link to free 7art Clock

Author:| Date: 14-04-2005 | Size: 612 KB | Download

 7art Surprise Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Surprise Clock brings you lively colorful face and motley hands able to show the current time. You will never know exactly what a happy surprise could wait you at the next moment with a little magical assistance of the Surprise Clock.

Author:| Date: 29-06-2005 | Size: 623 KB | Download

 7art Venus Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Venus Clock transmits soft energies conducive to relaxation. Besides it will show you the exact time. The tender clock face will smooth over the everyday rush and hurry, the beatiful clock hands will help you to rise your overall concentration.

Author:| Date: 7-06-2005 | Size: 487 KB | Download

 7art White Flower Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale. Now you can easily find out the exact magical time and date. Every magical second passed in White Flower Clock is full of love. Let's share it with all the world.

Author:| Date: 10-08-2004 | Size: 888 KB | Download


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