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Freeware Listing of Audio in Multimedia & Design

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 Babylon Builder  License: Freeware

  The Babylon Builder enable you to create and share your information with Millions of Babylon users. This freeware helps individuals and organizations create their own glossaries. The Builder serves as a guide in developing these databases as quickly as possible so they can be shared with others.

Author: Gal Yosef| Date: 17-01-2004 | Size: 720 KB

 Win Risk Free - Sports Arbitrage Finder  License: Freeware

  Download lines directly from reliable offshore bookmakers. They do not come from a third party server. This software retrieves and arranges them into a simple Excel type of graphic user interface. Set alarms to go off when arbitrage is found. The software comes with a few free lines.

Author: Tom Cowan| Date: 07-01-2004 | Size: 2400 KB

 Music Tools  License: Freeware

  BumpUp.exe is a program that quadruples the size of a wave file, making it sound four times slower than it was. The resulting music is two ocataves lower than before. This allows you to hear the super high frequency content in your music and work with it.

Author: Robison Bryan| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 30 KB

 InfoTag Magic  License: Freeware

  InfoTag Magic is a Windows shell infotip extension that displays the title, artist, album, year, bit rate, duration and other information stored in the tag fields of MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files in a tooltip window when mouse pointer is hovered over a file in Windows Explorer.

Author:| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 153 KB

 Windows Mp3 Player  License: Freeware

  Full-featured Mp3 player with the ability to play, pause, stop, and seek forward/backward arbitrarily. Also featured is the ability to control the system volume. For mor information, visit

Author: Phillip Hansen| Date: 05-01-2004 | Size: 548 KB

 Sonicart  License: Freeware

  Sonicart is a jingle encoding, scheduling and playback system designed for small community based radio stations. Sonicart can be used to playback pre-scheduled jingle playlists and also customised jingle playlists, which can be scheduled per show.

Author: n/a n/a| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 4093 KB

 Tanks 3D  License: Freeware

  Tanks 3D is, you guessed it, a 3D tank action game that supports LAN/Internet/single player play. It's tough, addictive and fun. It randomly generates new scenery to keep the odds fair, keep the odds favorable, and make it worth playing over and over again.

Author: Andrew Shapuro| Date: 11-01-2004 | Size: 880 KB

 Abander MP3 Image Extractor  License: Freeware

  Abander MP3 Image Extractor is a free and easy-to-use MP3 Tag Viewer and MP3 Image Extractor. Support: ID3v1, ID3v2 tags (artist, album, title, track, year, genre, conmment and image [APIC ID3v2 frames]) and MPEG information (bitrate, sample rate, size.

Author: SoftArtStudio| Date: 24-06-2003 | Size: 519 KB

 DeadLine  License: Freeware

  DeadLine is an useful program, especially as an educational support, offering visual indications about the number of roots of an equation and a very precise estimation of those roots. The program solves equations graphically and numerically. It displays the graph of the function and a list of the real roots of the equation.

Author: Ionut Alex. Chitu| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 675 KB

 SoundManager  License: Freeware

  Tool for organizing, playing, sorting and exporting sound samples in a tree-style form. Manyatributes can be used to organize sounds, so you can always find the sounds you needwithout problems. You can also convert the sound type on export and give it a name basedon selected attributes.

Author: PEYO spol. s r.o.| Date: 24-06-2003 | Size: 1477 KB

 MultiWave  License: Freeware

  MultiWave plays Sound samples via Hotkey. Customziable sets of soundfiles or even whole directories can be opened at once. Hotkey configuration can be saved and restored..

Author: Chris Brandstetter| Date: 14-01-2004 | Size: 545 KB

 Free Audio Recorder  License: Freeware

  Free Audio Recorder is an easy to use free software that enables you to easily record any sound you can hear on your computer, from internet radio stations to streaming music. You can set the recording audio quality, from a low quality taking minimal disk space, up to CD quality.

Author:| Date: 26-12-2004 | Size: 578 KB

 Express Scribe  License: Freeware

  Express Scribe is professional audio playback control software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. It is installed on the typist's computer and can be controlled using the Features: Plays compressed wav files ~ Variable speed (constant pitch) playback ~ Can use computer rudder pedals (or some other specialist transcription pedals) to control playback ~ "Dock" portable recorders to load recordings ~ Uses systemwide HotKeys.

Author: NCH Swift Sound| Date: 24-06-2003 | Size: 276 KB

 FixMP3  License: Freeware

  FixMP3 converts a directory full of sound files into MP3 files that you can play in your DVD Player. Many home DVD Players require particular MP3 format for MP3 CDs. This little utility converts your MP3 or Wave files into the needed format to satisfy many home DVD Players.

Author: Robison Bryan| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 1647 KB

 Simple Dispatcher  License: Freeware

  For Contractors and Tradesmen,Schedule Requests for Repair Service Receive Customer phone calls, Enter problem description (can be saved) then view calendar for 2 vehicles, schedule . Calendar can be viewed at any time for dispatching. Service Slips are stored for tracking purposes until deleted.

Author: Paul Vallancourt| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 280 KB

 The vOICe Learning Edition  License: Freeware

  The vOICe seeing-with-sound software translates images from a PC camera (webcam) into sounds that you hear via your stereo headphones, thus targetting vision substitution applications for the totally blind, and even artificial sight. Some blind people wear it daily with a wearable setup to "see" their environment as they go around, while other blind people (blind from birth) use it to experience for the very first time what vision is like.

Author: Peter Meijer| Date: 11-01-2004 | Size: 433 KB

 ConWave  License: Freeware

  ConWave is a simple wave file player that allows you to listen to hordes of wave files in a convenient manner that the windows Media player does not. As well it provides some simple options such as looping so you can sample an audio file as it's played back to back with itself.

Author: Corby Johanneson| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 64 KB

 Proton CD Player  License: Freeware

  Full Freeware Cd Player. Proton CD Player is well designed and very skillful. Due to its database it can store your CD info and can read every CD. By storing each track’s artist, time and album info, it recognizes the CD when you want to listen it again and can make the track list.

Author: Proton Software| Date: 25-04-2004 | Size: 440 KB

 WireFusion Video  License: Freeware

  Extend WireFusion with this add-on to add video playback capabilities to WireFusion presentations. Supports MPEG-1 and allows streaming video feed. No browser plug-in required and the player is fully Java 1.1 compatible. Sound supported..

Author: Demicron| Date: 26-12-2004 | Size: 3199 KB

 @MAX Tray Player  License: Freeware

  as Tray Player special feature - My Media. One can just set the path to folders which contain media files and access their contents including subfolders directly from the popup menu. In the process of playing Tray Player displays information about file being played including: play time, title and artist in the small floating window.

Author: Max D.| Date: 06-01-2004 | Size: 716 KB


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