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 Cactusus  License: Freeware

  Cactusus is a program developed as a replacement for "sticky notes" on your desktop. Just a text taking quite a little space and always staying on top. Notes can be dragged by mouse to desired place. For each note your can define comments and a "see also" remark.

Albert Sadykov| Date: 03-09-2005 | Size: 21 KB

 Desktop Calendar Reminder  License: Freeware

  Desktop Calendar Reminder is simple, compact and easy to use desktop calendar. It has digital clock, calendar and note's area for every day. There are options for changing calendar colors, fonts, style, and more. It is free desktop calendar, download now!.

Softjournal| Date: 20-08-2005 | Size: 282 KB

 7art Radioactive Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Radioactive clock brings you magical colorful vibrations to help you to ride the horse of luck. All you need is to beleive that everething is possible if you really want it. If we don't know exactly what we want radiocative clock could help us to feel the true wish of our heart better.

Author:| Date: 14-08-2005 | Size: 487 KB

 7art Mechanical Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  The clock is a mechanical living being that sails in the great river of time ahead of our civilization. Like the nights devide the days, the seconds devide the minutes and hours. Processes inside the clockwork are interfacing with the natural life cycles.

Author:| Date: 10-08-2005 | Size: 559 KB

 Kronos  License: Freeware

  Kronos is a personal work organizer designed to provide simplicity for users looking to effectively manage their time. * Can type, write or record as input * Has reminders, todos, stickies, and memo pads * Multi-platform portability - Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris * Little configuration needed * Easy (un)installation of components and inputs * Available in other languages * Import holidays for your country * Customizable sound notification for reminders * Print reminders, todos, memos and stickies to a customizable HTML template This is a Java software project.

Felix Chung| Date: 07-08-2005 | Size: 118 KB

 K'Alert  License: Freeware

  K'Alert is a Microsoft Outlook Add-in that extends the ability of Outlook to remind you of any appointments set in your calendar by sending you a reminder text message to your cell phone. The program adds a button to the Outlook toolbar that enables you to turn reminder forwarding on/off and select how you want to be reminded - via text message or by email.

Konnech, Inc.| Date: 03-08-2005 | Size: 546 KB

 7art Be Here Now Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  This Clock has a hidden magical feature - the ability to rise current level of our consciousness and happiness. Just be here now in the sacral moment on the way from the past to the radiant future..

Author:| Date: 28-07-2005 | Size: 546 KB

 7art Fluorescent Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Bright neon colors on black background of this cute Fluorescent Clock will enliven any room. It brings the memories of relaxed walks on a night street. Let this clock bring you calm and positive message - along with showing the time..

Author:| Date: 24-07-2005 | Size: 805 KB

 7art Lucid Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  This stylish clock will prepare you to Lucid Dreaming. Colors and waves on its dial make you wonder if you are awake or seeing all this in a dream. Check your reality (tip: in a dream you can fly but letters and numbers morph under your gaze). No flying this time? Keep checking and maybe the next check will be in a dream where everything is possible… The most wonderful experiences, places far away, people you always wanted to meet….

Author:| Date: 20-07-2005 | Size: 968 KB

 7art Merry Flower Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Merry Flower Clock screensaver shows time in a funny uncommon way: Merry Flower is the Clock's face and leaves and petals are the Clock's hands. Bright colors of the screensaver and it's tender shapes are designed to cheer your moods and invite a smile to your face.

Author:| Date: 14-07-2005 | Size: 187 KB

 7art Emerald Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  The Emerald Clock's face is weaving from delicate emerald guiding threads, each symbolizing our connection to other people. It does not matter where these people reside, as soon as we recall somebody in our heart we could instantly resume our relations.

Author:| Date: 12-07-2005 | Size: 462 KB

 7art Earth Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Earth Clock screensaver can be used as a beautiful reminder that all of us lives on the one planet Earth and it also shows the time. Every time it starts at your PC as a screensaver it will reinforce your connection with mother Earth and planetary consciousness.

Author:| Date: 11-07-2005 | Size: 538 KB

 7art Rotary Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Rotary Clock will help you to approach the understanding of the temporal river which rotates not only the clock hands itself but the clock face as well. Every 180-degree turn of 7art Rotary Clock face could help you to see the right way to turn your life for the better.

Author:| Date: 30-06-2005 | Size: 419 KB

 Alarm  License: Freeware

  Simple freeware desktop alarm clock.

Ossisoft| Date: 23-06-2005 | Size: 19 KB

 7art Mirror Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  We used to believe that no one could turn time back. Now it's possible with 7art Mirror Clock. Its hands move backwards taking old time with them and bringing back new time that will help us to be in good health and good spirits. 7art Mirror Clock magical power is rising with every download .

Author:| Date: 19-06-2005 | Size: 492 KB

 7art White Flower Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale. Now you can easily find out the exact magical time and date. Every magical second passed in White Flower Clock is full of love. Let's share it with all the world..

Author:| Date: 19-06-2005 | Size: 888 KB

 7art Venus Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Venus Clock transmits soft energies conducive to relaxation. Besides it will show you the exact time. The tender clock face will smooth over the everyday rush and hurry, the beatiful clock hands will help you to rise your overall concentration..

Author:| Date: 12-06-2005 | Size: 487 KB

 7art Standard Clock ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  7art Standard Clock is a nice start to use your desktop as a major time machine. You will always know the exact time and will always make your friends to ask where have you found such a beautiful clock screensaver. So your spirits will definitely rise when you help them to get their own desktop clock from the large collection of free 7art Clock.

Author:| Date: 19-05-2005 | Size: 612 KB

 Free Notes  License: Freeware

  Free Notes is a easy to use reminder for Windows. With Free Notes you can create notes displaying on your desktop. Your notes can be displayed immediately after creation or in the certain moments of time. You can create notes of custom sizes and colors and set different types for your notes.

Power Soft| Date: 28-04-2005 | Size: 754 KB


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