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Freeware Download: Time Zones Clocks Screensaver


 Free "Matrix" ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Try Free Matrix ScreenSaver that truly captivates the spirit of The Matrix movie. This is the code displayed on Tanks screen in the movie "The Matrix". Free Your Mind! Just look at your screen and take relax!

Author: Mr SSaver| Date: 20-05-2003 | Size: 272 KB

 Lemony Snicket ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  This free screensaver presents images from the movie starring JIm Carey, Meryl Streep and Jude Law in a nicely made slideshow.

Author: KrstDesign| Date: 25-10-2004 | Size: 2086 KB

 Ferrari F430 ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  Ferrari F430 Screensaver presents exciting new F430, with its Enzo-inspired rear end, improved aerodynamics, more agressive look with new generation of 4.3-litre V8 motor.

Author: KrstDesign| Date: 01-09-2004 | Size: 2293 KB

 Storm Clouds  License: Freeware

  Feel the whole might of stormy sky. Download this FREE screensaver and enjoy.

Author: Active Media Soft| Date: 05-11-2004 | Size: 1881 KB

 SP Matrix Screensaver  License: Freeware

  Matrix Screensaver simulates the green falling code from the Matrix movie.

Author: Screepics| Date: 14-12-2004 | Size: 459 KB

 Amazing Girls screensaver Free Edition  License: Freeware

  They are here! >Bright, colorful, amazing girls will be living on your screen! >The pretty red, blondes and brunettes come and go one by one. >They are gentle, fantastic, fine and mysterious.>This free screensaver includes 5 full-color drawn images.

Author: Miury| Date: 16-11-2002 | Size: 822 KB

 Nature1 Screensaver  License: Freeware

  This screensaver show a beautiful images of the Nature of Earth.You'll see: mountains, nature power, landscapes, oceans, mighty falls and the another.

Author: Screen Maniacs| Date: 08-06-2004 | Size: 2849 KB

 Wicked Days and Wilder Nights  License: Freeware

  All the sexy babes of your fantasies have finally arrived in one screensaver. Hot women in bikinis, thongs, lingerie, and other tempting fashions are presented here in 114 images for your viewing pleasure. FreeWare collage screensaver. PG-13.

Author: RatPlanet| Date: 01-04-2004 | Size: 4230 KB

 PTI Screen Saver  License: Freeware

  A screensaver presenting PTI International activities in Atlanta GA USA

Author: PTI International| Date: 12-07-2004 | Size: 260 KB

 Nature beauties  License: Freeware

  Nice screensaver with pictures of wild nature

Author: GetSomeSoft| Date: 30-08-2003 | Size: 1338 KB

 Pope John II Tribute  License: Freeware

  Few who have met him will ever forget him. From his gentleness in prayer, to his strength of character, the world will always be touched by his leadership. This free screensaver pays pictorial homage to a great man and an inspiration to the masses. Ave Maria plays softly throughout the screensaver while images of the Pope are displayed on a background of the Lordís Prayer.

Author: RI Soft Systems| Date: 06-03-2002 | Size: 1444 KB

 Great Lakes Lighthouses Screensaver  License: Freeware

  The Free Great Lakes Lighthouses Screensaver by displays 50 beautiful and calming images of Great Lakes Lighthouses - some of the most beautiful lighthouse images you may ever see. This free lighthouse screensaver also features three beautiful, full-length, CD-quality musical compositions by Cynthia Jordan. The following features are included in the free Great Lakes Lighthouses Screen Saver: * Three full-length, cd-quality musical compositions * 50 High-Quality Images * Wallpaper Support * 51 Transition Effects * Customizable Screensaver Settings Dialog Box * Microsoft Plus! integration * Password Protection Available * Random Image Slideshow * Simple Double-Click Installation * Simple Un-Installation

Author: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper| Date: 11-09-2004 | Size: 9156 KB

 Microwave Screensaver  License: Freeware

  The Microwave screen saver shows an animation of a mug of coffee and some pies cooking in a microwave. Includes optional realistic sound. It even goes ping and switches off when the timer reaches zero. A fun free screensaver.

Author: Improbable Software| Date: 20-07-2004 | Size: 764 KB

 Bluescreen Screensaver  License: Freeware

  When something has gone terribly wrong in your computer the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up. Bluescreen Screensaver will simulate the Blue Screen of Death for your operating system. Different bluescreens will be emulated depending on if you are running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP. Bluescreen Screensaver is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.

Author: Sureshot| Date: 26-10-2002 | Size: 1000 KB

 East Coast Lighthouses Screensaver  License: Freeware

  The Free East Coast Lighthouses Screensaver by displays 65 beautiful and calming images of East Coast Lighthouses - some of the most beautiful lighthouse images you may ever see. This free lighthouse screensaver also features three beautiful, full-length, CD-quality musical compositions by Cynthia Jordan. The following features are included in the free East Coast Lighthouses Screen Saver: * Three full-length, cd-quality musical compositions * 65 High-Quality Images * Wallpaper Support * 51 Transition Effects * Customizable Screensaver Settings Dialog Box * Microsoft Plus! integration * Password Protection Available * Random Image Slideshow * Simple Double-Click Installation * Simple Un-Installation

Author: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper| Date: 11-09-2004 | Size: 10007 KB

 World Of Speed ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  For fans of Formula-1! Do you like races? Do you admire drivers' skills? Download our screensaver right now, it's free! Great range of models and tracks! Dangerous turns, exciting moments! Impressing bolides photos! Various models! Rough tracks! Quality photos, easy to install.

Author:| Date: 25-08-2004 | Size: 2925 KB

 Best of My WaterWorks  License: Freeware

  It is an Animated Living Water-illusion screensaver collection. Contains 21 water-animation photos with sound effects. Such as Living Rivers, Living Waterfalls, Living Beaches. 'Best of My WaterWorks' changes photos RANDOMLY. (By default, automatically after 60 seconds). You can adjust the speed of Waterfalls, Rivers, Lakes and Beaches by right clicking its desktop icon, then select 'Configure'. It is an full functional freeware program with NO time limit.

Author: Sharada Computers| Date: 01-09-2004 | Size: 4927 KB

 Comet  License: Freeware

  The comet screensaver displays a comet swooping over your screen, lighting up your darkened desktop.With the Fiery Comet option you can set the comet on fire, Turbulence let's you add turbulence to the comet and it's tail and with Screen Burn you can simulate what a screensaver is not supposed to do: a burn in trail.

Author: Remco de Korte| Date: 01-02-2002 | Size: 161 KB

 NeonJax 3D  License: Freeware

  NeonJax3D is a software-rendered 3D screensaver demo which supports stereo LCD glasses. It features a cool color-changing plasma background and an object consisting of 1, 000 Points of Light, in addition to traditional polygon objects. This version only contains the screen saver but there are free tools available elsewhere for creating your own 3D demos with NeonJax3D and sharing them with your friends!

Author: Fascination Software| Date: 06-08-2002 | Size: 126 KB

 Whitehouse Mambo Parody Screensaver  License: Freeware

  Party with Bill as he dances through his line of leading ladies! This hilarious follow-up to the Clinton Blues is a veritable dance fest featuring The Prez himself singing and dancing with each of the ladies in his past and present. This software uses the latest technologies to provide a cool animated screensaver with synchronized music that scales to any monitor size/resolution.

Author: RI Soft Systems| Date: 11-01-2000 | Size: 1557 KB

 X-Men 2 ScreenSaver  License: Freeware

  The X-men are back on the big screen and better than ever before. Put Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, Storm and all the other X-Men on your screen with this screensaver!

Author: KrstDesign| Date: 27-05-2003 | Size: 7793 KB

 Ebony BabeFest  License: Freeware

  25 lovely ladies in this exciting addition to the BabeFest screensaver series. These bikini and lingerie beauties are exclusive to this edition. Pictures appear in a random collage. Fully configurable. A fine collection of African-American women.

Author: RatPlanet Media| Date: 19-06-2003 | Size: 662 KB

 Chaotic Chance Screensaver  License: Freeware

  Chaotic Chance Screensaver allows you to manage the screensavers that are currently installed on your system. Using this program you can choose your favorite screensavers and make them follow the desired order or run randomly. Chaotic Chance will simply replace standard Screen Saver tab in a Display Properties dialog with the more functional and handy dialog.

Author: Michael Sablin| Date: 07-11-2002 | Size: 638 KB

 AntiSpye  License: Freeware

  There are lot of software that fights against viruses and spy modules which are doing attacks to your PC from Internet. However, there are some times when spy may stand on your side of screen behind you. Sometimes it is safe, but sometimes you can work with important information that you do not want to be seen by anyone. The AntiSpye is an easy utility that will hide your screen from external eyes. No mouse clicks, no fingers configurations to press simultaneous key combination. Just move the mouse pointer to one of the screen corners and viola! Your screen will be hidden with blank window, screensaver or with the screenshot that you could make earlier. FEATURES * Three types of action: blank screen, cover image, screensaver * Built-in screenshot taking tracker * Hides the screen with mouse movement in one of the screen corners * Adjustable sensitivity zone size * Adjustable activation time

Author: Xander Zerge| Date: 08-11-2004 | Size: 358 KB

 Flying Dream Screensaver  License: Freeware

  free animated screensaver that features the feeling of free flight, meant to help reduce stress by calming the nerves. This screensaver is free and amazingly enough, it comes complete withOUT spyware! Free registration required for continued use

Author: The Bargain Monkey| Date: 16-08-2004 | Size: 1400 KB

 screenux saver  License: Freeware

  Take pleasure in having this amazing screensaver on your computer. This screensaver shows on your screen various 3D shapes (polyhedrons) rotating and morphing one to another. High quality textures.

Author: Screenux| Date: 17-06-2003 | Size: 550 KB

 Disney Fantasia  License: Freeware

  You and your kids will spend hours in front of the computer with this screensaver packed with images, music and songs.

Author: | Date: 14-06-2002 | Size: 10290 KB

 Beauties Of VirtuaGirls  License: Freeware

  Tired of boring tech screensaver? Can your PC use some beautifull ladies instead? This free Screensaver is packed with the most beautifull girls from This is 100% free, just sit down, relax and enjoy the girls on your screen.

Author: Totem Media| Date: 01-10-2004 | Size: 3866 KB

 Spring Splendor Screensaver  License: Freeware

  Celebrate Spring with this spectacular full color Cloudeight Screensaver featuring the floral art of Anastasia. Roses and Iris come to life! Fully configurable to include music, transitions, and other special features. Easy to use and full email support is available if needed. IMates can be set to wallpaper and you can set to rotate the wallpaper daily.

Author: Cloudeight Internet| Date: 20-03-2001 | Size: 1677 KB

 Hooked On ThongNics  License: Freeware

  52 hottest swimsuit and bikini babes are proudly on display in this fun new screensaver. All new honeys heat up your monitor and make it sizzle with summer beauty. Thongs for the memories. This is a collage-style screensaver, and the display is constantly changing. A sequel, Hooked On ThongNics 2, is also available. Uninstall is available under Display Properties.

Author: Robert Abernethy| Date: 18-08-2003 | Size: 1402 KB

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