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Merchant Agreement


 Proforma  License: Freeware

  Proforma enables you to process credit card transactions in a customer-not-present environment. This is ideal for businesses that take orders via mail, phone or by email. The software is completely open source, and is available as a stand-alone program, webpage-based or component based. No merchant account is required, nor is there any setup fee or monthly charges. For full details visit <a href=""></a> Funds are held for 30 days to protect against chargebacks. Repayments are made as either euro or sterling cheque. All transactions are subject to charges as detailed at the website. "WP WEBTROPY" will appear on the card holder's statement.

Author: F Reid| Date: 09-01-2003 | Size: 2963 KB

 DraftSurvey Lt  License: Freeware

  DraftSurvey Lt is a user-friendly Draft Survey calculation program for Merchant Navy Officers and Marine Surveyors. It is designed to take care of complete draft survey needs. Its specially useful for marine surveyors as it does not require the full input of hydrostatic data, only two lines of hydrostatic data relevant to the calculation at hand needs to be entered to calculate the result. The final survey can be undertaken without entering the initial draft survey data if the initial net displacement cell is filled-in in the final draft survey form. This is very useful for a surveyor who may not have conducted the initial survey, he knows the initial net displacement and can use just this information together with this program to quickly calculate the results. The purpose of DraftSurvey Lt is to save time which can be spent to take more careful measurements which can greatly increase the accuracy of the survey results and avoid the mathematical mistakes due to shortage of time.

Author:| Date: 29-07-2004 | Size: 15770 KB

 DonationTree Shopper  License: Freeware

  The DonationTree Shopper allows you to receive rebates when you shop online via supported merchants. The rebates can be allocated to 529 College Savings, Plans, schools of your choice, charities of your choice, or donated to other websites of your choice. When a user visits a supported merchant, the DonationTree Shopper allows the user to select whether they would like to allocate the rebate or continue on to the merchant and receive no rebate. DonationTree allows you to allocate your rebates to as many programs or organizations as you wish.

Author: Web Master| Date: 01-01-2003 | Size: 427 KB

 CSpot SMTPClient  License: Freeware

  SMTPClient from Bossware lets developers add outgoing email capabilities to their Windows Forms and ASP.NET (Web Forms) email apps using the SMTP protocol. The component does not use the .NET System.Web.Mail namespace, which is simply a .NET Framework wrapper for CDONTS and CDOSYS, two Microsoft COM objects. One problem of using System.Web.Mail is that code using this namespace can behave differently depending on the OS of the computer it’s running on. CDONTS is also said to be resource-intensive and more complex to configure, and to have limitations, and even be unstable. The component is written in 100% managed C# and is CLS compliant; therefore, developers can use the component in any .NET Framework programming language, such as C#, VB.NET, J#, ASP.NET, etc. It is a strong-named assembly so it can be used in cross-application development situations by registering it in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). With this control, developers can implement the following features: • Sending HTML/text messages. • Sending to multiple recipients. • Connecting to multiple servers. • Including multiple attachments. • Connection retry count. • Sending files using MIME encoding. • Synchronized, thread-safe wrapper. • Using message priority. The component complies with several RFC (Request for Comment) documents concerning the SMTP protocol. However, it lacks logging and mail merge capabilities. • distribution agreement (no limits) (optional) • license agreement (no limits) (optional)

Author: ComponentSpot| Date: 01-01-2004 | Size: 862 KB

 Janino  License: Freeware

  Janino is a compiler that reads a Java expression, block, or source file, and generates Java bytecode that is loaded and executed directly. It is not intended to be a development tool, but an embedded compiler for run-time compilation purposes, such as expression evaluators or "server pages" engines like JSP. Properties The major design goal was to keep the compiler small and simple, while partially sacrificing completeness. I don't like the idea of carrying around huge libraries for simple applications. See Parser for the list of implemented and missing language features. When do you need an efficient expression evaluator? Say you build an e-commerce system, which computes the shipping cost for the items that the user put into his/her shopping cart. Because you don't know the merchant's shipping cost model at implementation time, you could implement a set of shipping cost models that come to mind (flat charge, by weight, by number of items, ...) and select one of those at run-time. In practice, you will most certainly find that the shipping cost models you implemented will rarely match what the merchant wants, so you must add custom models, which are merchant-specific. If the merchant's model changes later, you must change your code, re-compile and re-distribute your software. Because this is so unflexible, the shipping cost expression should be specified at run-time, not at compile-time. This implies that the expression must be scanned, parsed and evaluated at run-time, which is why you need an expression evaluator. A simple expression evaluator would parse an expression and create a "syntax tree". The expression "a + b * c", for example, would compile into a "Sum" object who's first operand is parameter "a" and who's second operand is a "Product" object who's operands are parameters "b" and "c". Such a syntax tree can evaluated relatively quickly. However, the run-time performance is about a factor of 100 worse than that of native Java code.

Author: Arno Unkrig| Date: 09-11-2002 | Size: 104 KB

 Abacuth Search the Web  License: Freeware

  Abacuth Search the web is a small floating window where you can enter words you want to send to a search engine. Results are displayed in your default web browser. You can search using predefined search engines, or using your own list (search engines, but also merchant sites, online catalogues, news, music, etc.) Abacuth Search the web is particularly useful for those who often search a same keyword on several search engines to compare results, to find the best price, etc. Intensive searchers will appreciate.

Author: Mioplanet| Date: 04-11-2004 | Size: 616 KB

 Win Squared Problem Solver  License: Freeware

  Provides an instant list of tactics for solving common negotiation, persuasion and conflict resolution problems. Win is the first software that tells you how to be more persuasive. It helps you communicate, sell, negotiate and create agreement. Utilizing the most comprehensive collection of tactics in existence, Win analyzes the unique facts of your situation and provides custom advice tailored to your style, goals and level of assertiveness.

Author: Arcadian Software| Date: 15-03-2002 | Size: 16259 KB

 Weather Stats (Australian only)  License: Freeware

  (FOR AUSTRALIAN WEATHER ONLY) Polls latest Weather Stats at intervals you choose. Data is displayed in a micro banner or System Tray text display (like the clock) to show Temp, Wind Dir and Speed, Bar pressure and other stats. Also allows access to metro, alpine, coastal, cyclone and other forecasts and rain radar images for the State selected. Support for All states totalling 448 individual observation stations througout Australia to give the best local weather information for Australians. (Information provided under agreement with Australian Bureau of Meteorology)

Author: BirdCage Software| Date: 03-02-2004 | Size: 1151 KB

 Npust email list manager  License: Freeware

  Npust email list manager is a high performance list management application that will allow you to manage your email lists faster and easier than ever before. Npust email list manager is freeware for personal use. Commercial use is not authorized without agreement. Try Npust email list manager, our organizational utility for Internet marketers. It will allow you to: Combine several lists into one file. Split large lists into several files. Clean duplicate addresses. Remove addresses based on domain or keyword. Extract a user specified sample of email addresses from a master list Sort and remove duplicates from user specified files Randomize the email addresses in user specified files and more .... Download Now . And best of all, it's FREE for personal use!

Author: GARY KUO| Date: 26-09-2003 | Size: 433 KB

 PatchWise Free  License: Freeware

  PatchWise Free is an easy-to-use patch generator that helps to create patch packages for software and file updating. These packages are small size self-extracting executable update programs in famous installer style and can be distributed over the Internet. With PatchWise Free, everyone, even a beginner, can prepare his patch package in minutes. It is an easy way to make patches for meeting the frequent demand of updating. Being distributed as Freeware. PatchWise Free is completely free of charge, even for commercial use. Please read the End-User License Agreement carefully before using it. PatchWise Free is prepared for beginners. If you need more functions, there are two advanced products available: PatchWise Standard and PatchWise Professional, they would be more suitable for you.

Author: Hanmen Software, Inc.| Date: 06-02-2004 | Size: 2543 KB

 Olvio.Ecommerce for Authorize.Net  License: Freeware

  Olvio.Ecommerce is a payment processing class library for the Authorize.Net payment gateway. It includes all the latest features, SIM and AIM integration methods, CC and ECHECK processing, hash validation, response stream reader and more. Includes a SimResponseReader class to handle the silent posting from a SIM transaction. It can validate and process transactions for the Wells Fargo merchants. Fully written in C# it offers a strong object model with powerful exception handling that allows the merchant to validate data before sending it to the gateway. The class library automatically reads and parses the gateway response and validates the MD5 hash to assure that the response is authentic. Includes also a SNTP class that is able to connect to an internet time server and get the real time for a certain zone to be used in connection with the SIM integration method.

Author: Olvio IT, Inc.| Date: 16-05-2004 | Size: 513 KB

 Credit Card Verifier  License: Freeware

  Credit Card Verifier allows you instantly check all major credit cards number for validity without submitting the card number online. Credit Card Verifier can validate any VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, EnRoute, American Express (AMEX), Discover, or JCB credit card number. Credit Card validator uses LUHN10 (MOD-10) algorithm, so it only validates the integrity of the number combination, not the credit card itself. Credit Card Verifier detects and displays credit card type early depending on the first digits of the card number. Credit Card Verifier only verifies whether or not a credit card checksum is valid; it does not validate the credit card account. In order to verify a credit card account, you will need software that can access credit card networks, and, typically, submit authorization request on the card account. If you need to charge credit cards and validate credit card accounts, please look into a merchant provider such as FEATURES Verifies credit card numbers LUHN10 (MOD10) checksum algorithm First digits verification Automatically determines type of the card Easy-to-use cut, copy, paste functions Validates any Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, more

Author: Pingram Marketing| Date: 20-08-2004 | Size: 291 KB

 I, Madness  License: Freeware

  This collection of original poetry contains the following titles: 1993 08 15 Empire 1993 08 15 Impetus 1993 08 15 Innocence and Light 1993 08 15 Lingering Dead 1993 08 15 Lost 1993 08 15 Martial Drums 1993 08 15 Mission In Flesh 1993 08 15 Noose and Neck 1993 08 15 Stone Upon Stone 1993 08 15 The Birch Grove 1993 08 15 The Guff 1993 08 15 Unmended 1993 08 15 Wicked Witness 1993 09 15 Children These 1993 09 15 Come 1993 09 15 Convicted 1993 09 15 For Grief Say 1993 09 15 Freedom and the Drug Addict 1993 09 15 God Fix 1993 09 15 Initiations 1993 09 15 Locks 1993 09 15 Pawns 1993 09 15 Rack 1993 09 15 Startled Doves 1993 09 15 Ten 1993 10 05 Part 1993 10 15 Anxious Wounds 1993 10 15 Bleeding Hearts 1993 10 15 Done 1993 10 15 ElDorado 1993 10 15 Emptiness 1993 10 15 Endeavor to See 1993 10 15 Fathers 1993 10 15 Liar 1993 10 15 Not to Wake 1993 10 15 Prolific Keys 1993 10 15 Sanctuary 1993 10 15 Skies 1993 10 15 Suicide 1993 11 15 Egress 1993 11 15 Only Darkness 1993 11 15 The Merchant 1993 11 15 Wife 1993 11 15 Witless 1993 12 15 Nothing Comes 1993 12 15 Only You 1994 01 01 Graffiti 1994 01 01 The Stone at the Center 1994 02 15 Away 1994 02 15 Falling Snow 1994 02 15 Fever Pitched 1994 02 15 Sew 1994 03 15 Asked 1994 03 15 Dying 1994 03 15 Flesh Dissolves 1994 03 15 Fool You 1994 03 15 Forgotten 1994 03 15 Ghost Ship 1994 03 15 In Perspective of Tracks 1994 03 15 Misconstrue 1994 03 15 Souls Burning 1994 03 15 Thief 1994 03 15 Wagons West 1994 03 15 Whomever 1994 03 15 Your Thoughts 1994 04 01 Antisocial 1994 04 15 A Face At the Gates 1994 04 15 Burning 1994 04 15 Degrees 1994 04 15 Demean 1994 04 15 Gods Retribution 1994 04 15 Grains of Sand 1994 04 15 Incongruity 1994 04 15 Introspection 1994 04 15 Kingdom Nothing 1994 04 15 Know Me 1994 04 15 Life 1994 04 15 Neighbors 1994 04 15 No Fear 1994 04 15 Perishing 1994 04 15 Sister Mine 1994 04 15 Skin 1994 04 15 Tattoo 1994 05 01 Bias 19

Author: LLC| Date: 22-09-2004 | Size: 4882 KB

 Security Forms  License: Freeware

  Collection of security and human resources related forms including; Absentee report, Acknowledgment of receipt of company property, Applicant information release, Attendance record, Cash over short log, Checklists for handling workers, Daily time sheet, Discipline documentation form, Driving record check, Drug testing consent form, Drug testing policy, Educational record check, Employee attendance record, Employment application, Employment reference check, Employment reference release, Equipment inventory list, Expense report, Fair credit act disclosure notic, General loss report, General release for employment t, Group payroll, Immediate action required, Job description, Key log, Locker agreement, Loss prevention committee, Loss prevention employee of the month, Loss prevention safety committee, Loss prevention safety committee minutes, Loss prevention safety training notice, Loss prevention training notice, Medication log, Meeting notice, Memo, Osha form 101, Osha form 174, Osha form 200, Performance appraisal, Personal reference check, Personnel change notice, Phone call log form, Plant loss prevention inspection, Privacy policy, Progressive discipline policy, Record of disciplinary action, Reference check control form, Safety committee, Safety employee of the month, Safety training notice, Sample company policy on aids, Sample emergency instructions, Sample of general work rules, Sample sexual harassment policy, Sample workplace safety rules, Self evaluation, Smoking policy, Termination meeting checklist, Time off request, To do list, Training checklist, Training notice, Violence in the workplace preven, Visitor log, Voluntary resignation form, Weekly time card, Workplace safety policy.

Author: Paul Pleasant| Date: 05-06-2002 | Size: 173 KB

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