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 P2P VoIp  License: Freeware

  The program is used for conversation in a local network. The voice packages are transmitted in a format GSM6.10. Voice packages and service information use one and the same UDP port: 4444. The program works without Server. The ContactList traces if the client is online or offline in a network. Mixer allows to control sensitivity of a microphone and loudness of speaker. Simultaneous work with 5 clients. The sound card should be duplex. The program is distributed with the source code.

Ivan Sorokin| Date: 08-06-2004 | Size: 684 KB

 EZ Emoticons  License: Freeware

  EZ Emoticons is a brand new add-on for MSN Messenger 6 and 7. It allows you to use all your custom MSN emoticons without the need to remember any shortcuts! EZ-Emoticons, as the name suggests, is easy to use. You simply press Control+Spacebar in an MSN Messenger conversation which will bring up a window with all your emoticons, and then click on the emoticons you wish to use. This means you can use over 300 MSN emoticons without remembering a single shortcut!

MSN Emoticons| Date: 01-10-2004 | Size: 297 KB

 Palfun  License: Freeware

  Palfun is the new, free feature enhancement plug-in for AOL Instant Messenger. Featuring capabilities such as tabbed IMs windows, conversation logging and storage, AIM cloning, custom IM filtering technology, comfortable window management, built-in text fading effects, and much more, Palfun allows users to completely customize AOL Instant Messenger to their liking. Palfun is 100% original code, and does not modify any AOL Instant Messenger in any way. Palfun also offers graphical skins to enhance AIM's appearance, and even allows users to create their own skins! Moreover, Palfun is a completely clean, spyware-free download! Grab your copy of Palfun today, and experience Instant Messaging as never before!

Palfun Team| Date: 03-09-2004 | Size: 1030 KB

 MSN Color Selector  License: Freeware

  Ever wanted to select a different font color for Messenger 4 or 5 other than the default 16? MSN Color Selector is here to do just that! It was created by the author to alleviate the process of selecting a different color without having to hack into the registry every single time. With MSN Color Selector, all you have to do is choose the desired color from the hexagonal color palette, or, alternatively choose from a popup dialog of more than 16 million colors. When you have finished selecting your color, click the "Save Changes" button to save the information to the registry. It's as easy as that! Changes will take place the next time you start a conversation in Messenger... Now supports both Messenger 4 and the new Messenger 5!

Aaron Chan| Date: 26-01-2003 | Size: 637 KB

 ActionOutline Lite  License: Freeware

  ActionOutline Lite helps you organize your bits of info into the intuitive outline form. The possibilities for its use are practically endless: to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers and more. Arrange items using keyboard or mouse, cut and paste branches, place checks or tags next to listed items, search and replace information, print data, link to web or local files and more. ActionOutline Lite offers a clean, Explorer-style interface with powerful keyboard shortcuts.

Green Parrots Software| Date: 29-10-2004 | Size: 974 KB

 VoIPerized  License: Freeware

  VoIPerized is a so called VoIP (Voice over IP) program. VoIPerized enables you to make free audio calls to other people who also run VoIPerized. When making VoIPerized the focus was to minimize the latency, because other VoIP programs always seemed to have an irritating lag which makes the conversation seem unnatural. By using the open source Speex audio codec the audio quality is far higher than any normal telephone call. - Extreme low latency (0.150 seconds + ping time) - Adjust the bitrate to your needs - High audio quality (16 kHz sampling) - Low CPU usage - Adaptive Jitter Buffering - VAD (Voice Audio Detection) - Easy to use interface - Remembers the last 5 persons called - Missed phonecalls are logged - Option to Auto-accept calls - Displays your own IP-address (even when behind a router) - UPnP™ (Universal Plug & Play) support. VoIPerized automatically does the needed port forwarding (WinXP & UPnP router required)

Jeroen de Kleijn| Date: 08-09-2004 | Size: 212 KB

 Near Death  License: Freeware

  Medical technology continues to progress at a staggering pace. Accordingly, countless victims of trauma and disease 'return' from states of 'near death' every year. This process is no longer deemed a miracle, when it occurs, rather it has become commonplace. It is expected. Though disdained by skeptics as hallucination, the phenomenon known as the 'Near Death Experience', or NDE, is nonetheless a reality for many millions of currently extant human beings. Whatever their true cause or meaning, many of these experiences share common themes. Many NDE's report a sharp contrast between the Dark and the Light. Often, the Light is associated with feelings of overwhelming peace and joy. Many NDE's report the presence of a Being of Light. Some report the presence of a Being of Shadow. Many NDE's indicate that the Light is blindingly brilliant, though its brilliance is painless. Often, a conversation takes place between the 'near dead' and the Being, whether of Light or Shadow. Often, a choice is central to the experience. Go? Or stay? Most NDE's describe an alternate reality that exists beyond the threshold of death. Though individual descriptions of this reality vary, most imply that it is a vast, eternal and sentient construct. While most NDE survivors report calming, reassuring experiences, a few speak of horrific, disturbing ordeals. Regardless of its nature, the Near Death Experience irrevocably alters all that survive it.

Author: LLC| Date: 22-09-2004 | Size: 4882 KB

 Crayon On Concrete  License: Freeware

  This collection of original poetry contains the following titles: 1987 09 15 Night in the City 1987 10 15 Do They Beat People There 1987 10 15 Idol 1988 09 15 A Conversation Between Lovers 1988 10 15 Gardens and Forces 1989 02 15 God Is a Bullet 1989 03 15 God Is a Jungle 1990 03 15 Far Too Young 1990 04 15 I Screamed 1990 04 15 War 1990 05 15 The Turning Page 1990 05 15 Wind Whispers 1990 06 15 Fears Where I Hide 1990 06 15 Too Deep 1990 08 15 Doggerel 1990 08 15 I Put My Eye To the Crack 1990 08 15 Winter Fires 1990 09 15 Face of a Fanatic 1990 09 15 Oceans of Sunset Horizons 1990 10 15 Hammer Watch 1990 10 15 Plans Absurd 1990 10 15 What Now 1990 11 15 Burned 1990 11 15 Off Line 1990 11 15 Parents 1990 12 15 The Walls 1991 01 15 Sour On the Vine 1991 04 15 Prairie Vengeance 1991 04 15 Skeptic Bitch 1991 04 15 Tombstones 1991 06 15 The Beaver Trapper 1991 10 15 Dark Permissions 1991 10 15 In Time God Be Willing 1991 10 15 Movies 1991 10 15 The Other 1991 11 15 Pay Day 1992 02 15 Miser Me 1992 02 15 The Forgotten Ill 1992 02 15 We Dig No Graves 1992 03 15 Awful Wonder 1992 04 15 Temptation and Fate 1992 05 15 Downfall of Idolaters 1992 05 15 Echoes 1992 05 15 Flies Upon a Windowsill 1992 05 15 Monsters in My Closets 1992 05 15 Pyromania 1992 05 15 War In the Ukraine 1992 06 15 Apartheid 1992 06 15 Bad Bobby and the Law 1992 06 15 Gone Awry 1992 06 15 Idolater 1992 06 15 Measure Me Up 1992 06 15 Properly Hanged 1992 06 15 Saturday 1992 06 15 The Vice of Ignorance 1992 06 15 War Brings No Relief 1992 07 15 Cannibals in the Jungle 1992 07 15 John Wayne Gacy 1992 07 15 Seems Song 1992 07 15 Standing In the Light 1992 08 15 Atlanta Child Killings 1992 08 15 A Collection of Phrases 1992 08 15 Death Toll 1992 08 15 Donners and Reeds 1992 08 15 Dreams of a Dead Man 1992 08 15 Dream Machines 1992 08 15 Dream Vacation 1992 08 15 Fear 1992 08 15 For He Knows You 1992 08 15 Guilt 1992 08 15 Say Anythin

Author: LLC| Date: 22-09-2004 | Size: 4882 KB

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